Welcome To Bromley & Downham Youth Club

Bromley and Downham Youth Club is located on the Bromley and Lewisham border. Our location enables us to attract a diverse group of young people, often from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Without access to the Youth Club, it is unlikely that these young people would have the same opportunities to develop social, team building, leadership and communication skills; skills that are all vital in today’s society.

Management committee member Philip Cheverton said: We run a service giving young people a safe place to go to meet and enjoy themselves, reducing anti-social behaviour in the local area. We open in the evening when the schools are closed. Today’s young people are tomorrow’s future, and without Clubs like this the whole community will suffer.

Our Trustees

Our voluntary Youth Club Trustees are

Mr Michael Turner, Retired Lecturer and Bromley Councillor

Mr Peter Morgan, Surveyor and Bromley Councillor

Mr Peter Harman, Retired Financial Adviser

Mr Mark Morris, Greater London Authority employee, Local School Governor and ex Lewisham Councillor

Mrs Margaret Smith, Methodist Local Preacher, Counsellor and ex Youth Worker

Mrs Hilary Cheverton, Retired Teacher and Local School Governor

Mr Phil Cheverton, Retired City Banker

The primary purpose of the club is to provide, support and improve the quality of informal educational and social activities available to young people in the local area.

We will endeavour to develop young people in their physical, mental and spiritual capacities so that they grow to full maturity as responsible individual members of society.

All staff, volunteers and members will be friendly towards each other and be welcoming and non – confrontational to visitors and guests.

As Bromley and Downham Youth Club is a charitable organisation we rely on the goodwill of our local community to help us create a place for young people to enjoy themselves.

If you have some time to spare and would like to join our team of volunteers please call us on 020 8461 2597.

Key facts

  • We have over 250 members
  • We have trained and fully DBS cleared staff
  • 12 staff and volunteers

Our Staff

The staff team at Bromley and Downham Youth Club are all qualified and trained to work with young people.

All staff have been fully DBS checked, have first-aid and safeguarding training and much more including working with young people with additional needs.

All have individual skills in working with young people.

At Bromley and Downham Youth Club all staff make time to get to know the young people that attend our sessions, making all young people feel safe and valued.

Our Partners