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Join our Boxing Club

The Boxing section of the club is very successful. One of our former members, Sam Webb – who started at the club when he was just 11 years old, now represents England as a Professional Boxer at boxing events around the world and is the current British Champion.

In the past we have had a National Schoolboy Champion, British Schoolboy Champion, two England Representatives and numerous other National Schoolboy finalists.

If you’d like to join our Boxing Club please contact us.
Each time you come along to the Boxing Club the cost is:

  • Boxers up to 18 years £2
  • Boxers over 18 years £3

To join the boxing Club, you’ll need to complete one of our membership forms. There will also be an additional registration fee.

For more information on the Boxing Club please contact us.

What Young People Say

“I come to the youth club to see my friend. We like the art room because we can do lots of different things in there, like painting and making things to take home.”
“I play games with my friends. My favourite one is football and I’m getting better at passing the ball.”
“I love it when we cook. I take what I have made home to show my mum and she tastes it. She says I’m getting better.”
“I went on last year’s residential trip. It was so good, it was the first time I had stayed away from home. I got to take part in lots of things that I would never get the chance to do if I didn’t go away with the youth club. I want to go again next time.”
“I went away with Bromley and Downham Youth Club last summer in the school holidays. I don’t do a lot of things outdoors, I’m not really that kind of person, but I thought I would like to try something new. I ended up abseiling from the top of a very high tree and then having a go on Jacob’s Ladder, which is very high. I toasted marshmallows around a campfire. Imagine that.”
“One of the best things I like to do at the youth club is come on movie night. We watch movies and have popcorn and drinks.”

What Parents Say

“Great youth club, my kids love it and they go as many times as they can in the week. One of my children has learned to skate and the other one likes playing football.”
“I have three children who go boxing. When they’ve finished boxing they join in with the other activities going on. They’ve all made new friends, they think the youth workers are great and I am more than happy to leave them in the club knowing that they’re well cared for. I tell the other parents at their schools about Bromley and Downham.”
“Thank you to all the staff that have made the summer holidays such fun for my children. They have had a great time and will now be joining the youth club and attending regularly. The friendly and fun atmosphere at this club makes them want to come back.”
“I would like to thank the staff at Bromley and Downham for the way they have cared for my son on Wednesday evenings. He really looks forward to coming along to the sessions on Wednesday and I, as a parent of a child with additional needs, feel peace of mind when leaving him there because of the great care and compassion of the staff working with the children on a Wednesday evening.”

Find Us

Our address is:

41 Valeswood Road

Tel: 020 8461 2597